Our forward-thinking telehealth platform makes work and life simple for both you and your patient.

ARS is a leading continuum of care, remote patient monitoring telehealth organization in the United States. We achieved this by following three specific tasks.

Our view on telehealth is not driven by a phone-it-in attitude. The user-experience standard that we aim to achieve, is one the industry can’t equal. ARS Telehealth is an opportunity for patients and physicians to be and do better.

The devices and processes that we’ve developed, actually deserve the overused adjective, “innovative.” They heal and mitigate pain for our patients, while introducing technology into healthcare, and supplementing the good work of our physicians.

“Putting the patient first” is easy to say, and much more difficult to do. We make this happen by creating an achievement-oriented culture that's fully based on all things patient first and foremost.

See the Future from Here

Traditional home based therapies frequently don't work. That ends now.

All too often, the moment a physician prescribes an at-home therapy the communication between prescriber, patient and the vender ends. The vender can't provide patient progress updates, and they're unable to track value-based medicine. At ARS, we're changing that now.

the ARS Model

ARS improves upon the traditional home therapy model by allowing the clinician to track the patient's compliance and progression per their individualized care plan.

​Patients are also reminded that their physician is monitoring their compliance, which encourages patients to take control of their own care.

This process improves clinical outcomes, engages patients, and provides the care team with value-based medicine that can be tracked, measured and acted upon.


Patient Compliance

Allows patients to provide feedback to physicians remotely.


Value Based Medicine

Data collection provides measurable, trackable and valuable clinical outcomes.


Remote Patient Monitoring

Solving the important unmet need of monitoring patient home therapy outcomes.