Our Company

Advanced Recovery Specialists (ARS) is a leader in the telehealth industry, having developed a multi-modal approach to recovery that offers non-narcotic solutions and utilizes remote patient monitoring to bridge gaps in the continuum of care. The company provides physicians with a portal to manage their patients recovery plan in a patient-first telehealth platform.


To lead the telehealth industry through our patient-first, non-narcotic, multimodal approach utilizing remote patient monitoring to bridge gaps in the continuum of care.


To build the most patient-centric telehealth company in the world. Helping patients recover faster from disorders and injuries using our remote patient monitoring platform and integrating medical device manufacturing to create unparalleled patient outcomes.

What We Have Built, Focuses on What is Best for the Patient.

We achieve this by ensuring the patient always comes first. Our Multimodal approach to recovery offers non-narcotic solutions that benefit the patient and aid in a faster, healthy recovery. We also make it simple for physicians to adjust their patients recovery plan with our remote patient-monitoring, ensuring the highest level of continuum of care.

Pillars of Advanced Recovery Specialists

Decades Defined by Medical Advances

Telehealth is a disruptive modality that is challenging the traditional model of patient care.  The current decade is bringing major advancements in telehealth which could have a broader implication than the advancements experienced in the previous 50 years.

A timeline that describes the medical advances that happened within each decade.