Our Telehealth Philosophy

At ARS, our philosophy begins and ends with the patient. By focusing on one patient at a time, we practice value-based medicine with the goal of enhanced patient outcomes. We get there via advanced remote monitoring and a multimodal approach that flexes for the benefit of—you know—The Patient. It’s our philosophy of compassion.

Real telehealth goes far beyond a video call between doc and patient. ARS has innovated the online experience with digitized monitoring, advanced remote treatments, a powerful line of recovery-centric devices, and our relentless commitment to customer service. We bring actual compassion and humanity to the virtual environment.

At ARS we believe focusing on value-based medicine is the best way to improve patient outcomes. Enough with communication issues with clinics who are "out of network". We are building an extraordinary databank of patient experiences, information and outcomes. We are leveraging intel to do much more and much better for considerably less.

Advanced Recovery Specialists is getting people talking… and listening and sharing and collaborating to the great benefit of the patient. Communication is critical in providing a holistic continuum of care. From point A to Z, ARS connects key people and valuable data within systems and from outside provider

The Specialists Behind ARS

Chief Executive Officer, Nick Schwarzrock

Nick Schwarzrock
Chief Executive Officer

Nick Schwarzrock has a decorated history of serving physician and patient to the utmost. Having accumulated 25+ years of experience in the medical device industry, Nick understands that the focus must remain squarely on positive outcomes for actual people.  Nick has built highly effective sales teams and has overseen the development and implementation of winning sales and marketing strategies across global markets. Mr. Schwarzrock has applied his expertise, from pioneering startups, to commercializing new technologies, to invigorating mature organizations. Throughout all of his experiences, Nick has remained committed to advancing innovative solutions byway of effective healthcare products and compassionate service.

Douglas Jones, President of ARS

Douglas Jones

Mr. Doug Jones is about moving forward and taking others with him. He’s a proven and accomplished leader as a medical device distributor and entrepreneur. Doug’s career is rooted in all things orthopedics. In the early days of Mr. Jones, he was Territory Manager for trauma and reconstructive joints with Smith & Nephew. Highlights of a nearly 20-year history in this industry include founding Detroit Medical Devices, a durable medical equipment company. As both founder and President of Detroit Medical Devices, Mr. Jones built a multi-million dollar, full-service DME company offering patients and physicians non-narcotic multimodal post-recovery options. Doug is many things; but he’s never been a follower.

Bruce Capagli, Chief Operating Officer.

Bruce Capagli
Chief Operations Officer

Bruce has better than two decades of building, leading, creating and innovating across an impressive range of industries. From finance, operations and technology optimization, to automation, visualization and thought leader—Bruce has honed his unique skills. Mr. Capagli has advised Fortune500 organizations, led optimization of operational functions and managed technology infrastructure across multiple organizations. Bruce has been a developer of world class processes, business systems and future leaders. He has broad interests and has been tapped as a keynote speaker and media contributor with nearly 30 earned publications in a variety of media. Add to his well of experience: small business owner, entrepreneur and co-founder/board member of SecyreInc. We are the grateful beneficiaries of Bruce’s wealth of insights and expertise.

Christopher Borsa

Christopher Borsa
VP of Strategic Relationships

Mr. Borsa is a highly-regarded executive with 30+ years of award-winning experience in the medical device and biopharma industries. As a C-level executive and entrepreneur, Mr. Borsa has been associated with identifying ground breaking technologies and leading them successfully to market. He has held senior executive positions in major healthcare organizations with extensive experience in sales, marketing, and operations. Chris is expert in building, recruiting, and leading high performing sales teams. Some of those teams have included: Kyphon, Medtronic-Spine, ATEC Spine, and Pacira Bioscience. At Advanced Recovery Solutions (ARS), we’re sold on Mr. Borsa.

Terri Abbott, the controller's headshot.

Terri Abbott

Ms. Abbott is responsible for accounting, finance, and human resources. Terri Abbott has been in the accounting field for north of 30 years, and has proven her ability to maintain strong internal controls and streamline internal processes. Terri’s enthusiasm for knowledge and insight continues every morning. Ms. Abbott began in public accounting, gaining valuable audit and tax experience. She worked with a variety of clients and spent several years as the internal auditor for Pillsbury. Ms. Abbott spent 15+ years at International Multifoods as the Controller of their export division. She was responsible for securing financing for $320 million of annual world-wide commodity sales, managing banking relationships, and administering government subsidy programs. We are fortunate to be under the remarkable control of Terri Abbott.

Dominic D'Arpino

Dominic D'Arpino
VP of Sales

Mr. D’Arpino is a 20+-year veteran of the medical device industry. In those two decades, his experience has encompassed many aspects of the business, including sales and marketing, revenue management, field operations, process improvement, and payor relations. While the range of experiences varies, the common element among all of Dominic’s endeavors, is consistently successful results and universally high praise. Most recently, Mr. D’Arpino was the Senior Director of Sales for Handicare USA, which manufactures and sells products in the Accessibility and Patient Handling markets. Dominic steadily provided award-winning growth through his direct management of strategic accounts and through the sales team that he mentored and managed. High praise for Mr. D’Arpino continues at ARS.

Joyce David

Joyce David
Area Vice President

Joyce David has a distinguished career steering strategic growth across a variety of healthcare markets, working in cooperation with management, physicians, and various professionals. She has an exceptional track record in building new relationships and opening new markets, centers, and service lines. Dynamic interpersonal and communication skills have allowed her to  meet challenges and achieve ambitious goals. A proven ability to drive clear strategy and deliver results has allowed her to guide herself and her teams to exceed market expectations. Mrs. David has had success owning, developing and selling an independent diagnostic imaging center.

Wes Hetu, Area Vice President.

Wes Hetu
Area Vice President of Sales

Mr. Hetu is a distributor and entrepreneur with better than 25 years immersed in the medical device industry. Prior to ARS having the good fortunate of securing Wes’ services, he was Director of Surgical Solutions for Exactech Orthopedics and Skeletal Dynamics distributors in the Detroit area. He was a team leader at Zimmer Great Lakes, a sales associate at Smith and Nephew Orthopedics, plus a product manager and project leader at Stryker Instruments. He has dug in to many different roles, including marketing, engineering, and management. Mr. Hetu has managed a multi-million dollar product line, and is the designer of orthopedic instruments that have resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. We greatly appreciate Wes Hetu’s hands and head.

Kevin Parker

Kevin Parker
Regional Sales Manager

Kevin has been in the healthcare field as a clinical provider, distributor, entrepreneur, consultant, and sales executive for over 17 years. He has extensive experience in spine, orthotics, orthopedics, post-surgical recovery, and rehabilitation. Kevin is a strong advocate for non-opiate, non-controlled substance alternatives for those suffering from chronic pain. Dr. Parker has been involved in new product development, patient study groups, and new medical device and equipment launches around the United States. He has strong relationships in the healthcare industry and has a knack for creating high level, synergistic partnerships that are mutually beneficial to all involved.  As a sales executive, he has built top performing regions by recruiting high level distributors and associates and working tirelessly alongside them to surpass their goals. Seeing patients make full recoveries is what drives him every day to offer the best products and services in the market. He lives by a simple slogan: WIN TODAY!  During his free time, Dr. Parker enjoys coaching travel baseball for the Dallas Patriots and fishing. He is married with three active children.

Joyce David
Terri Abbott, the controller's headshot.
David Zaugg

David Zaugg
Senior Director of Operations

David Zaugg, joined the Advanced Recovery Specialists team as senior director of operations on July25, 2022. His responsibilities will include managing supply chain logistics, data warehousing, Netsuite support, billing operations, continuum of care customer service and sales support. He has more than 12 years' experience in supply chain and operations and a proven history of managing technology initiatives and team development. Zaugg most recently served as a procurement manager for an oil and gas industry firm, managing a budget of more than $180 million. He previously serviced as Vice President of Operations for Precision Medical Products.

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