Advancing Telehealth Beyond Next-Level

Every day we enhance the healthcare experience for patients and physicians with our advanced telehealth platform, non-narcotic solutions, and real compassion.

Continuum of Care

Advanced Recovery Specialists is getting people talking… and listening and sharing and collaborating to the great benefit of the patient. Communication is critical in providing a holistic continuum of care. From point A to Z, ARS connects key people and valuable data within systems and from outside providers.We communicate total care.

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Non-Narcotic Solutions

At ARS, we see the amazing upside of pharmacology. We also see the tremendous wreckage of prescription drugs. From minor side effects to life-altering damage. Our multimodal approach to pain treatment does not rely on narcotics. We have expanded the possibilities of effective pain management and surgical recovery while saying no to drugs. Say, yes to ARS.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Real telehealth goes far beyond a video call between doc and patient. ARS has innovated the online experience with digitized monitoring, advanced remote treatments, a powerful line of recovery-centric devices, and our relentless commitment to customer service. We bring actual compassion and humanity to the virtual environment.

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The ARS Telehealth

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Improves Clinical Outcomes and Engages Patients

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Value-based Medicine that can be Tracked and Measured

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Helps Patients Develop Responsibility for Their Own Care

The Good Words on ARS

"Useful in all phases of recovery!"

I used the fully-contained NICE Cold & Compression Unit for my shoulder and knee replacements. It is an effortless way of speeding your recovery without hauling ice and cooler around. Useful in all phases of recovery!

“My expectations were wildly exceeded.”

One month of LidoPro cream to my back, and now, zero ibuprofen, full flexibility and no cramping. My expectations were wildly exceeded.

" Love the Convenience!”

I had the very good fortune to use the NICE ice/compression unit after both of my recent knee surgeries - one total knee and the other meniscectomy. The NICE device is very easy to use apply and store.